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WHOLESALE - Pet Wipes - All Pets - Hypoallergenic - Unscented Wipes - #PW100

WHOLESALE - Pet Wipes - All Pets - Hypoallergenic - Unscented Wipes - #PW100

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 Item Code: #PW100

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WHOLESALE - Pet Wipes - All Pets - Hypoallergenic - Unscented Wipes £2.40 per pack (100wipes pp) (excluding VAT)
£19.20 - 800 Wipes - (CARTON OF 8 PACKS)
  • 🌍ECO-FRIENDLY WIPES – 20/100/120/400 Packs. Panmer pet unscented wipes are a compostable eco-friendly option to wash your dog or cat’s face, paws, and all the other parts on the go or at home. Fragrance free and leaving your pet fresh and clean. Once you done with it – bin it.
  • 🌱ALL NATURAL – Our wipes contain only natural ingredients including; Chamomile, Aloe Vera, Shea Butter, Vitamin E. The most sensitive wipes even for most delicate dogs. Free from sulphates and alcohol.
  • 🏡✈️AT HOME OR ON THE GO – Planning to go for a day, week, 2 weeks holidays with your dog? Grab our travel packs on the go – packs of 20s small can fit in any bag and are do just perfect job washing your dogs before they jump to your car.
  • 💪SUPER STONG – Will not rip while cleaning the sharpest nails, gentle and soft – easy to remove from packaging with snap closure.
  • 🅿️PANMER ECO-FRIENDLY – We at Panmer are introducing another eco-friendly product for your pups because we care about earth and your pets. All our pet products are compostable and biodegradable
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Compostable - hypoallergenic - recyclable packaging - Natural - Strong - AT HOME OR ON THE GO

Why choose our Pet Wipes?

Key Features

Our Pet Wipes are the perfect for dog owners and their dogs...

Environmentally Friendly

Our Wipes are 100% COMPOSTABLE, they can breakdown within 3 - 6 months if kept in suitable conditions.


Chamolmile, Aloe Vera, Shea Butter & Vitamin E



Environmentally Friendly

All our products are eco-friendly and have recyclable packaging. 'Let's all come together and help our planet, every little action can make a big difference.'

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The paw-fect combo...

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What our customers think?

- TrustPilot Reviews -

  • Melanie

    Good quality product and excellent customer service. I have a new puppy and was unsure which product to buy so asked for advice. The Happy Planet pack was recommended as an introduction. Consists of large quality wipes which are ideal for my golden coloured spaniel that loves dirt. Biodegradable poo bags that are good for the environment but also strong and robust. I will be a regular user going forward

  • Susheel Barbbar

    "Absolutely fantastic products, the poo bags are large and strong, which is much better than the Supermarket variety. I also started to using the pet wipes, which is very handy. Since the products are compostable I will definitely be going back for more."

  • Felicity

    I like this company: good quality poop bags which I think are better than others from big pet shops etc. I like the different types/sizes you can buy here plus the wet wipes seem popular with all the doggy friends who stay with us - avoids muddy paws throughout the house! Good customer service and fast delivery too. Thank you.

  • Fiona Igo

    "Brilliant bags and also strong with a handle. Like the fact that they are biodegradable which is one reason I bought them."

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