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Why should I pick up my dogs poop?

No matter where we are or live, our dogs poo extremely impacts our environment. Also it allows the area you are in to remain clean and pristine for other members of your community.

Is our Pet Wipes flushable?

NOPE! No way! Please do not flush down our pet wipes.

How long will it take for your poo bags to compost?

Panmer bags are certified HOME COMPOSTABLE. Our bags will compost between 3-6 months in water, carbon dioxide or in a compost system, they will not let our any harmful substances.

Is our Pet Wipes safe for your pet?

Yes, our wipes are 100% Natural, there are made from Chamomile, Aloe Vera, Shea Butter & Vitamin E. They are free from alcohol and sulphates.

How thick are our poo bags?

Our poo bags are the thickest bags on the market, around 20mm thick. Perfect for those big poops.

Why use Pet Wipes?

Honestly, bath time doesn't have to be ruff! We are certain your dog agrees?